Our Fleet


Our fleet consists of vehicles ranging from small vans to large trucks. Each vehicle is expertly maintained according to a rigorous service schedule and is equipped with the latest electronic tracking facilities and other security features.

Our drivers are carefully selected, intensively trained and constantly reviewed to ensure that they represent the most responsible and reliable drivers on South Africa’s roads today.

We are committed to operating in accordance with the rules and regulations of the South African road transport industry.

Our range of distribution vehicles gives
your business a competitive edge.

Our Routes

Port Elizabeth East London Johannesburg
Durban Nelspruit








Cargoworks can collect and deliver to and from
any Major city or town within South African borders.

Our People


Customer service is of paramount importance within Cargoworks and we endeavour to go that extra mile for all our valued clients, both large and small. Our diverse expertise, accompanied by our dedicated after-sales service and support, ensures that we are a true one-stop facility for all your Break-Bulk transportation requirements.

Our solid reputation in the industry is based in no small part on the long-standing relationships we enjoy with many of our clients, both in the private and the corporate sectors. We strive to ensure that our personal touch is evident in all aspects of our business, amongst all our staff and clients.

We constantly provide our clients with tailor-made solutions that extend beyond the industry’s conventional and traditional services. It is our aim that that these be-spoke solutions exemplify our commitment to delivering ex-ceptional service quality and help us stand out from the crowd.

Cargoworks is a proudly South African company committed to supplying employment to all sectors of the community.

We play an active role in the upliftment process of Previously Disadvantaged Individuals (PDIs) by utilising our in-house specialised resources (consisting of PDIs to a major extent), to manage and implement small to large transportation solutions.

We strive to help our staff members uplift their personal standing, both within the company and in life in general, through empowerment and the creation of tremendous morale and commitment amongst all our staff.

We have an incredible team with
fantastic morale and commitment.

Our Process

Established in 1992, Cargoworks is a specialist in the break bulk transportation industry in South Africa.

With our head office in Johannesburg and our branches in Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit and East London, our countrywide footprint enables us to accommodate all your break bulk transportation requirements.

This, together with our dedicated focus on serving companies with “traditional freight” transport needs, means we can offer highly competitive rates, exceptional service standards and a wide variety of transportation solutions to all our clients, ranging from small users to large ultra-bulk transporters.

The Cargoworks management team is supported by experienced and highly qualified operations, vehicle maintenance and administrative personnel contingents. Senior management is involved in both the initial signing-up of clients and the daily running of each account. This means the same Cargoworks personnel are involved with the daily maintenance of each client relationship right from the start, and that a single phone call can quickly resolve any issues and ensure that any problems are dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

Our mission statement is drawn from years of hard work and perseverance, and embraces values that we strive to practice daily throughout Cargoworks.

  • We endeavour to exceed all expectations by listening carefully to ensure we accurately understand our clients’ needs.
  • We know that time is money so we do our utmost to meet dead lines timeously through prompt responsiveness and efficiency.
  • We are 100% committed to honesty with all our clients because we know that people don’t expect perfection, they expect responsibility.
  • We provide a personalized service because we believe that’s how we strengthen our relationships with our clients.

Our countrywide footprint suits all your
break bulk transportation needs.


Head Office


    Address: 7 Graphite Close,  Driehoek,  Germiston
    Email: jhbops@cargoworks.co.za
    T 011 873 1212

  • Director: Schalk Burger
    C 082 808 9200
    Email: schalk@cargoworks.co.za
  • Director (Owner): Douglas Driver
    C 082 554 8705
    Email: douglas@cargoworks.co.za
  • General Manager: Christo Steyn
    C 062 282 5651
    Email: christo@cargoworks.co.za


Other offices

    T 031 702 0252         F 031 702 6218
  • Address: 22/24 Gillitis Rd, Westmead, 3610.
  • Branch Manager: Jacques Botha
    C  062 266 2033
    Email: jacques@cargoworks.co.za
  • OPS Manager: Kevin Venketsamy
    C 071 649 8770
    Email: dbnops@cargoworks.co.za


    T 041 486 1092 / F 041 486 1089
  • Address: 80 Burman Rd, Deal Party, Port Elizabeth, 6001
  • Branch Manager: Gavin Steyn
    C 082 312 6857
    Email: gavin@cargoworks.co.za
  • OPS Manager: Clint Tessner
    C 067 191 2922


    T 043 736 6077        F 043 736 1424
  • Address: Unit 1, New Colendale Business Park, Buffalo Pass Road, East London.
  • Supervisor: Andre Weideman
    C 082 884 2373


    T 021 934 8040 / F 021 934 8030/32
  • Address: 86 Fitzmaurice Avenue, Epping Industria.
  • Branch Manager: Pieter Germishuys
    C 083 557 7025
    Email: pieter@cargoworks.co.za

  • OPS Manager: Henry Capes
    C 082 564 9315
    Email: henry@cargoworks.co.za


  • T 013 758 2067
  • Address: 6, Wilkensweg, Rocky Drift, Nelspruit.
    Email: nelbm@cargoworks.co.za or jhbops@cargwoworks.co.za


  • T 051 912 0150
  • Address: 8-10, Walter Raath Street, Oos Einde, Bloemfontein, 9300.
    Email: bfnbm@cargoworks.co.za
  • Branch Manager: Jacques De Wit
    C 083 557 6370
    Email: jacquesdw@cargoworks.co.za


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